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Cabinet visual four-axis locking screw machine

Cabinet visual four-axis locking screw machine

Xunbo technology cabinet visual four-axis automatic locking screw machine features

  • With intelligent detection function, can check the missing lock, float lock, slip teeth, etc.
  • Strong flexibility, can be matched with universal fixture with a variety of machine types of screw lock payment;
  • CCD visual positioning, intelligent identification and selection of bad screw vacancies;
  • IPC Industrial computer motion control system, visual programming, unlimited data preservation;
  • Intelligently read product CAD graphics to generate lock-in point coordinates;
  • Intelligent batch arbitrary lock point torque, speed setting, lock torque value and waveform diagram output
  • A pressure sensor is configured to automatically detect the lock down pressure
  • Optional automatic adhesive system, glue reflux, accurate glue
  • The screw floating height displacement sensor is configured to automatically learn the coordinate height
  • Configure a vacuum negative pressure gauge to check whether the screws in the suction mouth fall out.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine application range

Applicable to all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as circuit boards, control boxes, mobile phones, LED lights, computers, navigators, audio, cameras, laptop phones, tablet computers, learning machines, home appliances, watches, keyboards, toys, hardware industry, home appliances industry, auto parts, automotive electronics production and assembly.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine for screw range

The total length of the screw is >1.2 times the screw diameter, no movable gasket; Screw size M0.6~M9 can be customized, the total length of screws does not exceed 40MM; Screw material is not affected (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic, self-tapping screws, etc.); The screw head type can be universal (one-line, cross, triangle, hex, etc.).

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Xunbo technology cabinet four-axis visual automatic locking screw machine parameters

产品型号 Product modelXB-6441柜式四轴视觉锁螺丝机
工作行程 Scope of work600*400*400*100mm(可定制 customizable)
编程方式 Programming modeCCD 教导式 didactical
移动速度 Moving speed300~800mm/S(可定制 customizable)
重复精度 Repeatability士0.02mm
直线导轨 Linear guideHIWIN 直线导轨 Linear guide
程序储存 Program store可存储100组文件 Can store 100 groups of files
输送方式 Transport mode吸取式/可选配磁吸式/吹气式 Suction type/Optional magnetic type/blowing type
传动方式 Transmission mode4轴精密闭环电机 4 axis precision closed loop motor
控制系统 Control system高性能运动控制卡+17寸显示器/分体电脑 High performance motion control card +17 "monitor/split computer
输入电源 Input power supply全电压Full voltage AC220V
锁付效率 Lock efficiencyLock pay 1.5s-1.8s/ nail 3s-4s/ nail
产品功率 Product power1000W
外形尺寸 Overall dimension850*750*1750mm
设备重量 Equipment weight200kg


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