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How to choose Xunbo lock screw machine

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When choosing the lock screw, you can comprehensively consider from the following aspects:

How to choose Xunbo lock screw machine-Screw machine - plasma processing machine -Potting machine - dispensing machine - soldering machine

  1. Production demand and scale:
    • First of all, clarify the specific needs of the lock screws on the production line, including the specifications, materials, quantities of screws and the position and Angle of the lock screws.How to choose Xunbo lock screw machine-Screw machine - plasma processing machine -Potting machine - dispensing machine - soldering machine
    • According to the scale of production, determine the number of screw locking machines you need to buy and whether you need a model with a high degree of automation that can handle a variety of screw specifications.
  2. Machine performance and stability:
    • Choose a lock machine with stable performance and low failure rate to ensure that the equipment can continue to work stably.
    • Pay attention to the speed and accuracy of the equipment to ensure production efficiency and quality.
  3. Ease of operation:
    • Choose a simple and easy to use locking machine to reduce staff training costs.
    • Consider whether the user interface of the device is friendly and whether the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  4. Compatibility and extensibility:
    • Choose a screw locking machine with good compatibility and flexibility to adapt to different screw specifications and production environments.
    • Consider the scalability of the device so that it can be easily upgraded or expanded if production needs change in the future.
  5. Safety and Environmental Protection:
    • Ensure that the selected locking machine meets the relevant safety standards and environmental requirements to avoid safety hazards and environmental pollution in the production process.
  6. After-sales service and technical support:
    • Choose a supplier with good after-sales service and technical support to ensure that the equipment can be repaired and helped in time during use.
    • Understand the supplier’s after-sales service policy, including warranty period, repair response time, etc.
  7. Cost effectiveness:
    • When selecting the lock screw, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the price, performance, efficiency and maintenance costs of the equipment to ensure that the selected equipment has good cost effectiveness.
    • You can compare different brands and models of lock screw machines, choose cost-effective products.
  8. Field visit and test:
    • Before purchasing, try to visit the supplier’s factory and production line to understand the actual operation of the equipment.
    • Arrange the trial process, test the performance and accuracy of the equipment to ensure that the production needs are met.

Through the comprehensive consideration and comparison of the above steps, you can choose the high-quality lock screw machine suitable for the production needs of enterprises. At the same time, it is also necessary to maintain good communication and cooperation with suppliers to ensure the smooth operation of equipment and timely response to follow-up services.

Xunbo double station automatic lock screw machine features

Double station, intelligent electric batch lock, automatic loading, automatic clamping, automatic screw lock, torque adjustment, torque detection.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine application range

Applicable to all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as circuit boards, control boxes, mobile phones, LED lights, computers, navigators, audio, cameras, laptop phones, tablet computers, learning machines, home appliances, watches, keyboards, toys, hardware industry, home appliances industry, etc.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine for screw range

The total length of the screw is >1.2 times the screw diameter, no movable gasket; Screw size M0.6~M9 can be customized, the total length of screws does not exceed 40MM; Screw material is not affected (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic, self-tapping screws, etc.); The screw head type can be universal (one-line, cross, triangle, hex, etc.).

How to choose Xunbo lock screw machine-Screw machine - plasma processing machine -Potting machine - dispensing machine - soldering machine

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