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How to improve the production capacity of the lock screw machine? – Xunbo automatic locking screw machine

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The method of improving the production capacity of the lock screw machine can be carried out from the following aspects:

一、Optimize equipment and processes

  1. Update advanced equipment: Consider locking machines with the latest technology, which often have a higher degree of automation and more accurate locking capabilities.
  2. Improve the accuracy of the equipment: ensure the positioning accuracy of the screw lock machine and the accuracy of the screw lock payment, reduce errors, and avoid rework and defective products.
  3. Optimize process parameters: According to product characteristics and requirements, adjust the process parameters of the lock screw machine, such as screw speed, screw depth, etc., to improve production efficiency.

二、Improve automation

  1. Introduction of automatic feeding system: Automatic feeding system such as automatic feeder or vibrating disk is used to reduce manual feeding time and improve production continuity.
  2. Use robots or manipulators: Combine robots or manipulators with screw locking machines to automate loading and unloading, positioning and locking screws, greatly improving production efficiency.
  3. Integration of other automation equipment: the lock screw machine and other automation equipment (such as placement machine, dispensing machine, etc.) are integrated together to form an automated production line and improve the overall production efficiency.

三、Optimize operation process

  1. Simplify the operation process: By improving the product design or re-planning the production process, reduce the number and steps of lock screws and reduce the difficulty of operation.
  2. Reasonable arrangement of production sequence: According to product characteristics and production requirements, reasonable arrangement of production sequence to reduce waiting time and production bottlenecks.
  3. Reduce downtime: Regular maintenance and maintenance of the lock screw machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the downtime caused by equipment failure.

四、Improve employee skills and efficiency

  1. Strengthen staff training: Provide regular training for employees to improve their operation skills and maintenance capabilities of the screw locking machine.
  2. Adopt incentive measures: Set up reasonable incentive mechanism to motivate employees to improve work efficiency and quality.
  3. Reasonable arrangement of employees’ working time: Ensure that employees have enough rest and recovery time to avoid fatigue affecting productivity.

五、Use intelligent technology

  1. The introduction of visual inspection system: The use of visual inspection system to automatically detect the screw lock position, ensure the quality and accuracy of the lock, and reduce the generation of defective products.
  2. Apply data analysis techniques: Collect and analyze production data, identify production bottlenecks and potential problems, and take corresponding improvement measures.
  3. Introduction of the Internet of Things technology: Through the Internet of Things technology to achieve remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of equipment, improve the timeliness and accuracy of equipment maintenance.

To sum up, improving the production capacity of the lock screw machine needs to start from many aspects such as equipment, process, automation level, operating process, staff skills and intelligent technology. Through the comprehensive application of these methods, the production efficiency and productivity of the lock screw machine can be greatly improved.

Xunbo double station automatic lock screw machine features

Double station, multi-axis 360° rotation, intelligent electric batch lock, automatic loading, automatic clamping, automatic screw lock, torque adjustment, torque detection, with intelligent detection function, can check the leakage lock, float lock, slip teeth, etc.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine application range

Applicable to all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as circuit boards, control boxes, mobile phones, LED lights, computers, navigators, audio, cameras, laptop phones, tablet computers, learning machines, home appliances, watches, keyboards, toys, hardware industry, home appliances industry, auto parts, automotive electronics production and assembly.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine for screw range

The total length of the screw is >1.2 times the screw diameter, no movable gasket; Screw size M0.6~M9 can be customized, the total length of screws does not exceed 40MM; Screw material is not affected (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic, self-tapping screws, etc.); The screw head type can be universal (one-line, cross, triangle, hex, etc.).

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