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Xunbo double station visual lock screw machine material test video

The double-station automatic visual locking screw machine has a number of significant advantages, not only in terms of production efficiency, precision stability, labor saving, but also in its intelligence, flexibility and versatility. It mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. Efficient automation:
    • Xunbo double-station automatic visual locking screw machine adopts automatic design, which can automatically complete the feeding, locking and detection processes, greatly improving the production efficiency.
    • Compared to the traditional manual screw locking method, the automatic operation reduces the repetitive screw extraction and alignment process, thus saving a lot of time.
    • The equipment completes screw conveying locking at one time, mechanized production, making the locking process of one screw each time more fast and convenient.
  2. High accuracy and stability:
    • The device can precisely control the locking force to ensure that each screw is locked in place, avoiding product damage caused by inadequate or over-locking.
    • The intelligent detection function can check the leakage lock, float lock, slip teeth, etc., to ensure the continuity and reliability of the production process.
  3. Save labor:
    • Automated operation reduces the dependence on manual operation, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and also reduces the error and defective product rate caused by human factors.
    • One worker can manage multiple machines at the same time, further saving labor costs.
  4. Intelligent and flexible:
    • The cabinet vision four-axis automatic screw locking machine has CCD visual positioning, intelligent identification and selection of bad screw vacancies, improving the accuracy of operation.
    • IPC Industrial computer motion control system, visual programming, unlimited data preservation, making the operation more convenient and flexible.
    • Intelligent reading product CAD graphics generate lock point coordinates, intelligent batch arbitrary lock point torque, speed setting, lock torque value and waveform diagram output, providing a high degree of flexibility and customization.
  5. Strong versatility:
    • Xunbo double station automatic visual lock screw machine can be applied to different models and specifications of mobile phone stand products, with strong versatility.
    • Its compact structure and novel design can be conveniently placed in different positions on the production line and adapt to different production environments.
  6. Easy maintenance:
    • The maintenance technical requirements of the equipment are relatively simple and the cost is low, which helps to reduce the operating costs of the enterprise, while ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and extending the service life.

To sum up, Xunbo dual station automatic visual lock screw machine with its high efficiency, accuracy, stability, labor saving, intelligence, flexibility and versatility advantages, for the production of mobile phone holder and other consumer electronics products to provide a strong support, improve the production efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises.

Xunbo vision double station automatic locking screw machine features

Visual positioning, double station, intelligent electric batch lock, automatic loading, automatic clamping, automatic screw lock, torque adjustment, torque detection, intelligent detection function, can check the leakage lock, float lock, slip teeth, etc.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine application range

Applicable to all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as circuit boards, control boxes, mobile phones, LED lights, computers, navigators, audio, cameras, laptop phones, tablet computers, learning machines, home appliances, watches, keyboards, toys, hardware industry, home appliances industry, auto parts, automotive electronics production and assembly.

Xunbo technology automatic locking screw machine for screw range

The total length of the screw is >1.2 times the screw diameter, no movable gasket; Screw size M0.6~M9 can be customized, the total length of screws does not exceed 40MM; Screw material is not affected (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic, self-tapping screws, etc.); The screw head type can be universal (one-line, cross, triangle, hex, etc.).

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